Relax, unwind, and refocus with this at home spa jewel. A luxury treatment at an affordable price great for at home care or on the go. Renee Moore spa treatments restore moisture,provides soothing heat, can be ready in minutes, and leave you wanting MORE. This parrafin treatment can be reused up to 4x!

RM spa gloves

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  • How to use:

    1. Remove gloves from package. It can be heated in the microwave on high, 3-5 minutes.

    2. Remove gloves from microwave, the gloves are ready to apply when the heat indicator is dark grey

    3. Cut opening at wrist,touch with finger to check temperature. Then slowly slip your clean dry hands into gloves

    4. Wear gloves up to 15 min

    5. Gently remove gloves and massage essential oil into the skin, seal the gloves with clips if you prefer to reuse. repeat twice a week for best results.

    Each glove can be reused up to 4x

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